An inside look at the design process behind the creation of custom designed wedding invitations.



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 After designing my own wedding, I realized how hard it was to find custom designed stationery and decor for weddings. Everything seemed formulaic and designed to appeal to the masses. Or, if it was custom, it seemed like an intimidating and confusing process! My ongoing hope is that Wouldn't it be Lovely can fix that by creating unique and compelling designs using a process that makes this your favorite part of your wedding planning!

What is it?


Wouldn't it be Lovely is all about personalization and customization. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t fit into a template or enjoy spending hours scrolling through a website that mass produces invitations- then you’ve come to the right place. If you love special touches, quality material, and having fun while creating something special- then we should definitely be friends!

You may need your wedding paper goods designed from top to bottom, or perhaps you just need invitations. I’m happy to help no matter what stage in the planning process you’re in. Some of the most common event design elements we work on are: save the dates, invitation suites, escort and place cards, seating displays, photo backdrops, art installations, favor labels, programs, signage and announcements. I don't work from templates, so anything is possible! We can personalize an existing design, or create something completely new for you and your event.

How does it work?

It starts with an email. You may know exactly what you want, which is great, we can work together to make that vision a reality. The more common situation however, is that you know want something special and unique, made especially for you, but you aren't entirely sure how all the things you love will come together. This is when the fun starts! We talk, I learn about you, hear all about your wedding plans, what you like, what you hate, what's most important to you, what elements you'll need, and how much you'd like to spend. It's a design diagnostic! Then we pull together inspiration and share those images and ideas. After I have a clear idea of what you need, I put together digital proofs. It's a collaborative process, and we go back and forth on the design which means you'll always end up with exactly what you want and more than you could have imagined. There isn't a formula, because people don't fit into perfect little boxes, that's the beauty of it! 

Or perhaps there's an existing design that I've created for another couple that you already love. We can personalize it for you, from wording, to colors, to the layout and more to make it fit your event perfectly!

You may have a wedding planner, a caterer and florist already picked out, I can work with you and your other vendors to ensure your event comes together seamlessly!

Take a look at the site, see what has been created for other couples. These past events and designs will help give you an idea of what can be done, but don't let what you see, or don't see hold you back.  Anything is possible. 




If you want a completely custom design, planning ahead is always the best bet! I only take on so many custom designs at a time as I like to give every client my very best work! For custom designs, you should always try to start the process at least 1 month before you would like to send out your items, but during peak seasons, the earlier the better as I do get fully booked at certain times of year. You can expect your first proof about one month before our agreed upon send out date, and then we have two weeks for edits and revisions. From the date that you approve your final digital mock up, the typical production time is about 2 weeks (or more for specialty materials like acrylic and hand made paper). 


 Great if you're on a  SHORT TIMELINE.... If there's a design I've created for a previous client that fits your needs, we can personalize it for your day. We can change colors of the print and papers(in most cases), wording, and sometimes we can even combine elements from different existing designs to create a perfect new one. This timeline is  faster than the custom route and when we're not reinventing the wheel, I can be much more flexible with fitting you into a booked schedule and getting out your design ASAP. From start to finish, your personalized design can be at your door in as soon as 2-3 weeks depending on the design & production processes and availability.